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I should explain that this is a long held fantasy but one I would never have envisioned realising whilst in a relationship, that simply wouldn’t be fair to a BF. However, I’ve been single for a couple of months now and have this ‘horny little voice’ in my head repeatedly whispering, “Anna it’s now or never”. Lying naked in my bed at night those are often the last words I hear, my dreams have been filled with visions of many hands caressing my body and searching…… I must have been dreaming a couple of weeks ago because I awoke sweaty with my hand between my legs. As I lay there I thought “this is crazy, fuck it life is too short I’m going to do it!!” So here I am…….

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I’m only looking for guys 25-55 years old, athletic or normal build. That’s just my sexual preference, which is why I want to receive a photo to see what you look like, please no ‘cock only’ photos and of course it can be unrecognisable. Well actually that’s only one of the reasons, the other is I want to fantasise until 8th September about what you’ll do to me.

So to my fantasy!!

When you arrive I’m wearing a corset, suspenders, black stockings and a blindfold, to heighten my other senses, I’ll probably be very very nervous. Although I hear you chatting with CaringBull, maybe having a drink, you don’t immediately approach me. Then when you all gathered round my hands are guided to your cock so I can start stroking and sucking each cock in turn. I want the ‘party’ to start gently, we’re not in a rush. If all you want to do at a Gangbang is jump straight in and start fucking, then my GB probably is right for you (sorry). As I get increasingly horny I want you to build the sexual intensity. I love being stroked, licked and fingered, I cum easily. If you know how to use your tongue, one or more of you please go down on me and make me squirt. Word of warning, watch out!

(Caringbull comment: Guys Anna told me she hates it when guys rotate their fingers inside her pussy, finds it a turn-off. As Anna put it, I don’t twist their dicks!! So in & out and the ‘come-hither’ strokes on her G-Spot will do the trick)

Utrecht 8 September 20:00 - 22:00  

Contribution  €150  ( €50 deposit +  €100 at the GB

What We Need From You

1. Photo (not a cockshot) can be unrecognisable

2. Confirm you are between 25-55 years old

3. Mobile number - you will receive the exact location via whatsapp/sms

My first CaringBull Gangbang - 8 september - Utrecht 20:00 - 22:00

I don’t want just to be fucked on the bed, move me blindfolded around the room. Bend me over the sofa, fuck me up against the wall and build to an amazing sexual crescendo that I’ve dreamed about for years. I want to be spit roasted with DP plus ‘jerking’ a cock with each hand. 5 cocks at once for a girl who’s never had more than one, oh fuck I’m getting horny just thinking! I’ve had a dildo in my arse while being fucked but never a cock, so I’m technically a DP virgin. I guess size does matter, if you have a big cock wait until my arse relaxes and please guys use plenty of lube.

It will be an amazing evening guys, one that I know I’ll be dreaming of for ages! It’s just such a pity this will remain our secret as I cannot share this amazingly horny experience with my friends, they wouldn’t believe it and probably disapprove – their loss!!!

email registration:

If Anna selects you as one of the guys to fuck her, you will be asked to pay the € 50 deposit via a tikkie. We insist on this deposit to discourage fakers and no-shows. Men who don't show up would ruin Anna's fantasy and CaringBull won't take that risk! 

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