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  • I don't have experience is that a problem?
    No, that is not a problem at all. Over the years we have had many girls that were experiencing a GangBang for the first time. CaringBull will discuss all aspects of the GangBang with you before the day, which will help with your nervousness and, of course, CaringBull will be at the GangBang supporting you and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Remember a GangBang is nothing to be nervous or scared about, it is the fulfilment of your fantasy.
  • Other 'organisers' want to 'test' me first, does CaringBull insist on a 'test'?"
    No most definitely not!! If an organiser tells you that he needs to 'test' you first, run away as fast as you can! He is obviously a 'scumbag' looking for a free fuck and does not have your best interest at heart but rather his own! CaringBull, will insist on a meeting prior to organising your first GangBang for chat over a coffee or wine. It is important that we build a level of trust, it also gives you an opportunity to ask all the questions you have during a relaxed non-hurried chat.
  • In which cities does CaringBull organise GangBangs?
    The majority of our GangBangs are organised in Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam but we are not restricted to those cities. So don't worry, our commitment is to fulfilling your fantasy and that includes arranging your GangBang at a mutually convenient location.
  • Can I select which type of GangBang I want and guys etc?
    Yes of course! Together with CaringBull you will decide the type of GangBang that is right for you, and any criteria you want to impose, such as age, body type etc. But keep in mind, the more criteria that you specify the fewer responses your advertisement will attract.
  • I only want a Bukkake, is that possible?"
    Yes it is possible but generally if you want a Bukkake it is arranged before a GangBang.
  • How long do CaringBull GangBang last for?
    Generally 2 hours. Occasionally the duration may be reduced to 1.5 hours and we have had occasions where the girl is having so much fun it continued beyond 2 hours.
  • How many guys are there at a GangBang?
    That depends upon the type of GangBang, but the number can range from 6 upwards for a single girl and of course there are considerably more for the MultiGirlBangs. Again, in consultation with CaringBull you will discuss and agree the number of guys you want at your GangBang. There seems to be a trend over the last 12 months for girls to have small GangBangs (6-8 guys), it is then less rushed and every guy leaves feeling he received sufficient attention.
  • Can I be Blindfolded throughout the GangBang?
    Yes. You can be blindfolded for the whole or part of the GangBang. Some girls prefer not to remove the blindfold until after the guys have left, that way they can let their imagination take over.
  • Can I specify my Do's & Don't?
    Yes, during your conversations with CaringBull you will specify your Do's & Don't and these will then be included in the advert. When the guys arrive CaringBull will ensure they are aware of them and he'll be there throughout the GangBang to ensure the guys respect them.
  • What should I wear at the GangBang
    Obviously you should look sexy, so nice lingerie is a given. CaringBull prefers girls to wear corset, suspenders, panties and stocking, which is most mens idea of a very sexy outfit. CaringBull also encourages you not to get fully naked during the GangBang, as it provides a sexier look for the guys that come later.
  • Can I have two session, afternoon & evening?"
    Yes. This is almost becoming the norm now and for a couple of very good reasons: 1) the afternoon and evening sessions allow more guys to make one or other sessions depending upon their differing commitments. 2) two sessions allows you to have a smaller number of guys at each, which makes it more relaxing and fun for everyone. As the number of GangBangs have increased, guys are now looking for a quality sexual experience, they do not want to feel like they are standing in line waiting their turn!
  • Is Fucking always safe, with condom?"
    Yes most definitely! CaringBull refuses to organise BareBangs for health reasons, as explained in the answer to question 'Why doesn't CaringBull organise 'BareBangs'
  • Can my partner/husband attend the GangBang?
    At a CuckoldBang yes of course he is an integral part of the GangBang. At other types of GangBang his presence is not encouraged, as it intimdates some guys and often inhibits you from fully letting go and enjoying the fulfilment of your sexual fantasy.
  • Why doesn't CaringBull organise 'BareBangs'?
    Simply because of the health risks. STDs and specifically HIV are on the increase again in western europe and CaringBull does not want to encourage you to gamble with your health, it is far too valuable! It is true that medicine has advanced over the last decade and todays 'drug cocktails' will help you live with HIV/Aids for years, but do you really want to be taking 5-10 tablets every day for the rest of your life? - No, then why take the risk!?
  • How is my safety taken care of
    CaringBull is always present to ensure your safety, this is a role that he takes very seriously. Your safety is of paramount importance!
  • Can CaringBull organise a GangBang at my place?
    Yes, CaringBull can. Obviously, CaringBull will require to see your place before agreeing to ensure that it is suitable for the number of guys you want to attend.
  • I want a 'special' GangBang location, can you arrange?"
    Well, that depends upon the location you have in mind but CaringBull is always prepared to discuss arranging a GangBang in a 'Special' location. As a first step, tell CaringBull your fantasy, we can then together work out if it is realistic and how it can be realised/achieved.
  • We are a group of guys and want a 'Private' GangBang is that possible?
    Yes it is! The minimum number of guys for a 'Private GangBang' is 5 and they are generally held at a mutually convenient hotel. A deposit is required to ensure you are serious, unfortunately experience has shown this to be necessary, sorry. If you are a guy or two short but still want a 'Private GangBang' CaringBull will use our large database to find a guy(s) that will fit in well with your group of friends.

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