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Kristina's Light SM GangBang - Utrecht 5th June

Guys, are you looking for something a little different?


If YES, read on!

On 5th June as part of her ‘slut’ training I’m offering my stunningly beautiful & sophisticated sub, Kristina, for a light SM GangBang to a select group of discerning guys.

When you arrive Kristina (40) will be beautifully ‘classically’ dressed and looking every inch the intelligent, successful business woman, with impeccable manners, that she is. During the GangBang as part of her ‘slut training’ you will help slowly strip away all visages of decency and decorum, to expose her ‘Inner Slut’ that craves to obey and be used as a sextoy for your pleasure.

She will first serve drinks, as if hostess at one of her many dinner parties. Once everyone has arrive, I will instruct her to start to remove her clothes, maybe a strip tease. To get her really hot and in the mood, you might want to watch her fuck herself with a big black dildo until she squirts (this sub squirts alot, so stand back or be prepared to be soaked) or have some other request. I’m open to suggestions and she will do as instructed by me!

Once a ‘collar & leash’ has been attached, I’ll have her kneel in front of each of you in turn. You will tell her what you want, to jerk your cock, or to open her mouth wide so you can thrust your cock deep in her throat. We can enjoy the sound as she fights to take your cock and gags jerking her head backwards gulping for air, before parting her red lips for you to thrust your throbbing cock again. If she is misbehaves, don’t worry a stinging slap on her ass will ensure an immediate improvement! Whilst sucking her hands will search for others cocks to stroke, it’s important for Kristina’s training that both mouth and hands are occupied at all times. Once I’m satisfied she has displayed her best oral skills, she will be lead to the bed and every hole will be available to you, DP, DV, Spitroasting all possible. If as a ‘collective’ you want her restrained, tell me and I’ll tie her arms and legs spread wide.

A possibility to finish, whilst we enjoy a drink to recover our strength, might be to have the Fucking Machine keep Kristina occupied :-)

I need men with strong cocks and lively sexual imagination.

This will be an unforgettable GangBang, everything you expect in terms of sex from your ‘usual’ GangBang with an exciting bit more!!

Kristina -Strip3.jpg
KRISTINA footer_censored.jpg

Mogelijkheden omvatten: 

 Hard vaginal and anal fucking (with condom) 

✅ Deep Throat (without condom)


 Fingering (she squirts a lot, so it gets very wet!)


 Gentle slap, under guidance of my Master


Wat niet kan: 

Fisting or other large objects in her pussy (large cocks being an exception) 

Pee or poo 

❌ You must change condom after anal, without exception!!

No photos or video clips may be taken by participants

legs spread.jpg

Kristina's 'Light' SM GangBang

Location:  Utrecht region  -  Date:  Wednesday 5th June  -  Time:  20:00 – 22:00


Contribution to use Kristina for two hours of almost unlimited horniness - you can choose from the following options:

Option a) €100 (€ 20 in advance + € 80 on the evening itself) + Guarantee on a place!

💥 Guarantee your place by paying € 20 in advance. This can easily be done via the tikkie link:

When you have transferred it please let me know so that I can confirm receipt


Option b) €130 at the GB (if there are still places available) Full = full so give up as early as possible to claim your place.

💥 If you are sure that you want to be part of the Kristina's GangBang, I advise you to choose option a), this ensures a place and the € 30 discount!

See you on 5th June, it will be a very horny party!!

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